OPEN CALL for artists to work in 7th district of Budapest

International Institute of Community Commissioned Art (IICCA) co-founded by BETHLEN THEATER (Bethlen) / Pro Progressione (HU), Art Transparent (PL), and New Theater Institute of Latvia (LV) in the framework of DemArt project is looking for artists to submit projects.

The aim of the DemArt project is to democratize the art funding and commissioning practices in local municipalities and other organizations in charge of culture, as well as empower local communities to support their cultural needs.

For the selected artist, it will take less than a year of commitment to explore the hidden stories and narrative of the 7th District and create site specific, locally relevant artworks. IICCA will provide the awardees a budget and guidance throughout the process.

Overview of the project:

Under the DemArt project, IICCA is looking for individual artists/ artist groups / collectives who wish to contribute to the community of the 7th district of Budapest through developing an art piece. Artistic projects can be proposed from, and involve any artistic discipline (visual, performing, sound, mixed etc.) but must contain long-lasting impact and engagement for the local community. Submitted projects will be assessed by a group of art commissioners from the local community.

Art commissioners will select from submitted works in two rounds. In the first round art commissioners will pre-​select three artists and allocate a gross €1000 honorarium to each of them. In the second round  one final award winner will be selected out of the 3 pre-selected candidates who will recei​ve a commission of​ gross €12,000​  to develop the final art piece and organize the unveiling show.

Following the first round of selection: 

The three successful pre–selected candidates will:  Utilize the gross ​€1000 award as stipend to organize and undertake a  residency in the 7th district of Budapest. During the 2,5 month residency, a prototype or model should be developed to prove the feasibility of the proposed project. ​ The pre-selected candidates will coordinate with the commissioners.

Following the second round of selection the finalist awardee will: 

​​Utilize the gross €12,000 award to develop and execute the final art piece in its entirety during a ​4-months period of time by the end of August 2024 (the award includes artist fee, material costs, production costs, promotional costs, etc.) The awarded artist will coordinate with the commissioners.


  • ​​Up to gross €1 000​ as an award for each of  the 3 pre-selected candidates as a honorarium to further develop their project proposal and for the expenses of their residency program, which is a self-organized study visit to the location.
  • ​​Up to gross €12 000  for the final awardee to develop and prepare the final artwork and organize and execute the final art show in its entirety ​

Who can apply?

  • any established or emerging artist, part of the art scene or outsider
  • may be an individual, collaboration,  group or collective
  • hungarian or foreign national
  • shows interest / involvement with the local community of 7th district
  • over 18 years old at the time of deadline
  • we specifically encourage and welcome submissions from underrepresented groups

Criteria :


  • will have a lasting impact
  • public, easily accessible by the community of the 7th district
  • addresses a local topic and/or is relevant to the local community and/or involves the local community


  • has significant outreach within the community
  • addresses untold stories
  • deals with topics related to underrepresented or discriminated groups and/or involves these groups
  • has urgency, actuality

An overview of what may be included in the application:

  • CV and / or portfolio / samples of previous works if available
  • a project synopsis of 1000 characters
  • financial , technical, safety, organizational considerations

How does a convincing application look like:

  • concise, clearly explains the project and demonstrates its viability
  • rational in terms of financial planning, organization and technical aspects
  • draws up a reasonable timeline for the phasing of the project’s realization
  • addresses clearly the above mentioned 3 criteria
  • considerate of safety
  • considerate of waste management and eco-friendliness

Project Calendar *

* we reserve the right to make changes

  • Announcement Date: November 15, 2023

Open call for art projects in the 7th district.

  • Application Deadline: January 15, 2024

Deadline for submitting application materials: January 15, 2024, midnight.

  • First Round Selection: February 15, 2024

Three artists/artist groups will be chosen from the applicants to participate in a residency program lasting a total of 2 months, during which they will create the prototype of the proposed project. The selected 3 artist groups will receive a gross payment of 1000 euros during the residency, covering all incurred expenses, to prepare the prototype of the proposed project.

  • Residency Conclusion and Prototype Presentation: April 1, 2024

Presentation of the project prototype created during the residency from February 15 to April 1, showcasing the creative process outcomes in the district and the community.

  • Selection of the Winning Project: May 1, 2024

One artist/artist group will be chosen from the three presented works and will receive a gross reward of 12,000 euros for the complete realization of the project.

  • Preparation and Implementation of the Winning Project: May 1, 2024 – August 31, 2024.

Four months are allocated for the preparation of the winning commission.

  • Preparation and Production of the Winning Project: September 1-30, 2024

The manufacturing and promotional costs of the winning project are included in the 12,000 euros gross amount.

  • Presentation/Open Event of the Winning Project: October 2024 (first half)

Submit your application by  using this link by 15 January, 2024. 

More information about the project is available at or by writing an e-mail to

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