Results of the First Round of the Open Call for Kuldīga, Latvia

The first round of the open call for innovative ideas for contemporary work in Kuldīga is finished with unexpectedly high response – a total of 29 applications have been submitted. We are grateful to all artists for their generosity.

The commissioners have chosen the projects that will participate in the second round of the competition:

Audio story and animation project around the curiosities of historical sites of Kuldīga (author: Jurģis Spulenieks);

Performative installation “Mobile Glowing Forum” – a light object and community meeting place (authors: Laura Feldberga, Gundega Evelone);

Interactive installation “Convocation” – a tool for joint music creation (authors: Kristīne Botros, Aiga Vaitkus).

The authors will each receive a 1000 EUR grant for pitching their idea in the second round of contest which will take place in February in Kuldīga. The final results will be announced on 19 th of February and one author will be awarded 12,000 EUR for the implementation of the art-work. The opening of the selected art-work will take place during the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Homo Novus in early September.

IICCA is co-founded by BETHLEN THEATER (Bethlen) / Pro-Progressione (HU), Art Transparent (PL), and New Theater Institute of Latvia (LV). It is part of DemArt project: DemArt – Democratising art commissioning by involving local communities.

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