IICCA Open Call for Art Commissioners

Open position for art commissioners at IICCA 

Project Overview

International Institute of Community Commissioned Art (IICCA) co-founded by BETHLEN THEATER (Bethlen) / Pro-Progressione (HU), Art Transparent (PL), and New Theater Institute of Latvia (LV) is looking for associates to join its board of art commissioners.

The position requires a 2-year long part time commitment (2023-2025) to an international collaboration which consists of selecting and awarding artists to create site specific, locally relevant artworks. IICCA will provide the necessary training and budget as well as professional guidance throughout the process.

The aim of the program is to democratize the art funding and commissioning practices in local municipalities and other organizations in charge of culture, as well as empower local communities to support their cultural needs.

Job Description

IICCA is seeking three local community members to undertake professional training, international travel and community building exercises in order to commission an artwork that will benefit your city and community.

Art Commissioners will engage in an art commissioning process starting with the joint training in September 2023 and conclude in a project conference in early 2025. Over this period art commissioners will collectively choose one artist to receive a commission up to €12,000. This program is ideal for culture lovers, art champions and/or passionate community members who wish to contribute to their local community through an art commissioning process.

Successful candidates will:

    • attend a 4-day training in Budapest (Hungary) between September 30-October 1, 2023. These travels, accommodation and subsistence costs will be covered by the program.
    • co-curate an open call for artists, inviting artists to imagine a new work for Budapest, Wroclaw or Kuldīga.
  • select three artists to receive a €1,000-stipend to prepare a project proposal.
  • select one artist among the preselected three to receive an art commission up to €12,000 commission (this includes artist fee, production costs, etc.)
  • participate in discussions about culture, art and commissioning in their local community. These could be public consultations and informal sharings of the process.
  • support and advise the selected artist as they build their commissioned projects for the local area.
  • participate in a series of commissioning artist selection panels, art salons, as well as the culminating world premieres of the projects during the duration of the project.
  • Earn a stipend up to €2,500 over the period of one year and a half starting in the moment they are selected and ending in the closing conference in Riga in early 2025.
  • Participate in the following international travels:
  1. Budapest (Hungary), September 28-October 1, 2023: Art Commissioners Joint Training
  2. Wroclaw (Poland), June 2024: Survival Festival Visit
  3. Riga (Latvia), early 2025: Closing Conference

Job Benefits

  • 2,500€ as an honorarium for the whole duration of the project
  • Three international travels (Flights, Accommodation & Food covered by the program)
  • Training to learn new skills in art commissioning and mentorship throughout the process
  • New network of colleagues, communities and friends
  • Participation in a the democratization of art commissioning in the local community
  • New artwork made for you community
  • New Perspectives, job experience and skills set

Eligibility Criteria

  • Wanting to put art in your neighborhood and be part of the process
  • Individuals born after political transformation (1989 Poland and Hungary; 1991 Latvia)
  • Over 18 years old at the time of deadline
  • Engagement in the community
  • Working knowledge of English (speaking and writing) as the communication with international partners will be in English
  • Passion for culture (no formal education or working experience required)
  • Willing and able to work with different people
  • Available for meeting, training, traveling and working according to the calendar listed below and future program dates yet to be decided.
  • Organizational skills

Selection Criteria

  • Knowledge of the community and the neighborhood
  • Ambition to impact your community and neighborhood
  • Passion for the project
  • Willingness to bring your own perspective
  • Demonstrated commitment for the duration of the project
  • Working knowledge of English will be verified during interviews with selected applicants

Program Calendar

Application Deadline: June 2023

Selection announcement: July 2023

Art Commissioners Joint Training in Budapest: September 28 – October 1, 2023

Open Call for Artists Launch: By the End of 2023

Art Commissioning Process: Throughout 2024

Visit to Survival Festival in Poland: June 2024

Closing Conference: Early 2025

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