A mural by Filip “Skont” Niziołek will be built in Brochów!

The second round of the open call for innovative ideas for contemporary work in Brochow is finished! Polish commissioning team, composed of Arleta Goslawska, Malgorzata (Gosza) Tutko and Hubert Sulima after public consultations with Brochow residents have decided that an artistic work “Four Seasons of the Block” by Filip “Skont” Niziołek would be realized in Brochow as part of the DemArt project.

Filip Skont Niziołek is a Wroclawian who creates graffiti, murals, paintings, wall portraits and for him the most important thing in art is a man and his life. The mural in Brochów will be inspired by the stories of the inhabitants of the estate. The mural will feature portraits of people artist has encountered in Brochow. At the heart of the work of art is the desire to delve deeper into Brochów’s society, through being and talking to people.

After the results were announced during Survival Art Review on  June 22, 2024 at 6:00 pm, the laudation was read:

“We have chosen a project that is bold, uncompromising and, in our opinion, will have the greatest impact on the life of the estate. We honor an artist who is not afraid to look into places that are shunned by others, shrouded in disrepute, and its residents excluded from everyday life. We appreciate great social sensitivity and the ability to connect, talk and be open to all.

This work has the opportunity to empower, restore dignity and give visibility to people who have gone through a lot in their lives. They have often experienced unimaginable suffering. They were in crises of homelessness, addiction or mental illness. This project gives hope that we will get closer to them, get to know their story, stop shunning them. We will not – like Philip – be afraid of them anymore. Moreover, we appreciate that this project is based on authentic relationships and building connections between worlds that don’t meet every day.

Significant and very important for us in the decision-making was also the voice of Brochow residents, who clearly indicated this project as a priority, there they saw the greatest need for action and grassroots work proposed by the artist.

Philip wants to do something that no one has done before. And if he doesn’t do it, it’s possible that no one else will. We don’t know a better person to take on this difficult but extremely important challenge for Brochow. We feel joy and pride that we can make this project a reality.”

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(photos: Tobiasz Papuczys)